Capability Statement

Innovations (TDI)

LSTC are working in collaboration with Transmission and Distribution Innovations who have designed and developed a range of innovative products which lead the way in the Overhead Line Industry; enabling the seamless delivery of specialised techniques and equipment for the construction, maintenance and inspection of High Voltage cable systems.

TDI have registered designs and patents covering the following:


Specifically designed to capture paint flakes during the preparation of OHL structures immediately prior to painting.

Analysis of the debris removed has identified toxic elements in the material and highlighted the need to collect as much of the content as possible.

A 100m2 net can be positioned on the tower at any point above the ACD as shown.


A new concept in catenary systems that rule out the need for a third party possession even in the event of a cable failure, meaning the system has built-in features that can be recovered and re-deployed without them being lowered off over the owners property.


Transfer Connector–identified from working with Mobile Elevated Working Platforms the need to exit the basket whilst aloft requires the user to attach the structure being climbed onto without tethering the basket to it.

This device always has only one tether connected to it at any given time.


In Line Adjustable cable roller–specifically produced for T Pylon a mechanism that allows the conductor to be pulled into position and then clamped in at all suspension and F10 structures without the need for any additional lifting or lowering of the conductors.

Operated directly from the MEWP the linesmen lowers the rollers and releases the device without the need for any tools.

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