Capability Statement

Climbed Condition Assessment


With the demand for the client to prolong the life of their existing network, whether to maintain optimum performance from their assets or to ensure the structural integrity after increased loads (i.e. upgraded conductor), precise knowledge of the condition of their assets is required.

For this, our condition assessment experts record high-quality data to allow our in-house engineers to make accurate appraisals with confidence.


Having conducted condition assessments across all corners of the UK for all the major distribution network operators, our self-sufficient asset inspection team is ready to undertake work at the client’s request.

Specialising in 33-400kV transmission lines, our assessors have in-depth knowledge of all tower suites, types and variations. Our experienced asset inspection team can locate and easily navigate to the most difficult of tower locations.

All members of the asset inspection team have undertaken advanced climber training, tower rescue, emergency first aid and hold authorisations to climb many of the major distribution network operator’s assets.

Our condition assessments are usually undertaken during a line outage, but through the use of “safe climb diagrams”, it may be proven feasible to safely climb the asset without an outage and conduct an assessment from the body of the tower.


The asset inspection team collects detailed information of a tower’s condition through individual member grading and thickness measurements during the climbed assessment.

The data recorded on-site is seamlessly transferred back to the Engineering Drawing Office for processing and further verification.

High-quality imagery using an SLR camera is captured of the damaged or corroded area and thickness measurements are taken using an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. All this data helps our in-house engineers make crucial decisions on the possible remedial works required to extend the life of the asset.

Having extensive OHL structure design and construction knowledge, our unbiased appraisal of the structures gives the client the peace of mind that their assets will perform satisfactorily for their proposed future use.


  • Comprehensive condition assessments of towers, gantries, and substation equipment
  • Bespoke assessment to client specifications
  • Strengthening / Member replacement schemes based on condition assessment findings
  • Unbiased structural integrity assessment of client assets.


To deliver a consistent, high-quality asset audit, using the latest condition assessment technology.

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