The roots of LSTC can be traced back over five decades. Line Surveys was formed in 1954 by Mr L B Cook who operated from rural East Yorkshire employing a small number of staff working throughout the UK. Line Surveys under Len Cook used what is now considered to be traditional methods of surveying, all drawing work being done by hand, calculations being done long hand, and surveying done with a dumpy level, chain, theodolite and staff, all results manually recorded in a level book.

In 1988 Nick Minns and Martin Straker bought the business, both had been employees for the previous 14 and 9 years respectively, from the then retiring Mr L B Cook. During this time they had gained valuable knowledge of how the business ran and how best to serve its nationwide client portfolio. At this point Line Surveys was taken from being a “traditional” survey company to one capturing all survey information by means of field computers and processing done through Optimal Software within a space of three years. This gigantic leap forward enabled survey work to be processed more efficiently and enabled Line Surveys to develop its workforce from the initial four in 1988 to fifteen in 2001.

From July 2001 LSTC worked along side Line Surveys to provide engineering consultancy services. Peter Papanastasiou who had previously worked for Balfour Beatty, Clough Smith and Interserve was appointed as a co-director along with Nick and Martin. With Peter’s wealth of knowledge and experience, the aim of this new company was to take the expertise provided by Line Surveys to a new level in providing engineering and design consultancy services to the UK Power and Railway Industries.

The two companies were merged in 2004 to enable the development of the company to progress further.

Southern Office

In May 2007 LSTC opened an office in Whyteleafe, Surrey to establish a presence in the South of England and increase the scope of design services that could be offered. Since its inception, the office has recruited several key experienced staff as well as a number of well qualified junior engineers and draughting staff forming a team of 10 that now provide a significant additional resource for line design, structural design and drawing work.
LSTC is qualified to act as an independent professional authority in the verification and validation of third party designs and providing expert witness on sensitive cases.
A selection of project outputs can be viewed as examples of the type of work and standard that LSTC provide.

Welsh Office

We opened our Welsh office in the town of Mold, Flintshire in July 2011, the main reason for this is that we had won a long term contract to supply Wood Pole inspection services for one of our biggest clients, the work was based all over the North West and West of England. At the Mold office we have 3 permanent members of staff whom co-ordinate work for a team of 12 Pole Inspectors. As we now have a presence in Wales we are able to expand our services further.

Scottish Office

Our growing portfolio of prestigious projects throughout Scotland has led to the opening of a new office in Livingston, opened in January 2013 and situated about 15 miles west of Edinburgh and 30 miles east of Glasgow.
The opening of our Scottish office is a reflection of significant planned investments in electricity infrastructure in order to deliver the most important upgrades to the high-voltage electricity network in Scotland for more than 50 years.
Our presence here recognises that new and existing clients benefit from local, partnership driven support to complement our level of quality and customer service.

Midland Office

On the 30th September 2013 we opened our Midland Office in Derby. This office provides expertise for line design, structural design, computer aided drawing/design and specialist engineering services working alongside our existing LSTC UK resources.
The location of the Midland office is well placed to provide immediate and easy access to resources for ENW, WPD and National Grid.