Ground Engineering

Within LSTC, the Ground Engineering group specialises in ground investigation and foundation designs for overhead line towers and substations together with foundation condition inspections.  LSTC staff are experienced in all aspects of this field having worked on numerous power transmission and engineering projects.

For ground investigation schemes, a desk study assessment is made of the likely ground conditions from past records or geological maps in order to provide a cost based on using the most appropriate investigation techniques.  Following the site work, an interpretative report with foundation recommendations is provided.  In addition, a contamination assessment is included to provide guidance on the health and safety risk to ground workers and a landfill classification for the disposal of excess excavated material.

Foundation condition assessments generally involve a visual inspection from ground level followed by staged excavations to inspect and test the foundation condition of selected towers.  From the results, an assessment can be made of the likely overall condition of the tower foundations for the partial or full length of an overhead line.  In addition our Engineer’s are able to assess capacity of the foundation should this be required for any upgrading schemes.

LSTC Engineers have the knowledge and experience to undertake desk studies, and to design and undertake detailed ground investigations for OHL and Substation sites.  Desk study reports are prepared to provide Clients with guidance on the foundation design and contamination implications for a specific scheme.

LSTC is able to provided detailed design of foundations for construction purposes.

Our experts are fully qualified to diagnose foundation problems and advise on the most effective and economic remedial and or strengthening measures.